Research Group

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Dr. Félix Margirier (8/21-present)

I am currently focusing on the different Mixed Layer Dynamics regimes in the subpolar versus subtropics and the importance of extreme events in preconditioning. My research interests encompass:

  • Oceanic decadal and inter-annual variability.
  • Open-ocean deep convection / Mixed Layer Dynamics : convective plumes, water mass transformation, ventilation, ensuing phytoplanktonic bloom.
  • Deep water formation and spreading pathways.
  • The role of mesoscale as a regulator of convection and as a source of chaotic oceanic variability.
  • Subsurface long-lived submesoscale vortices, fronal processes and their biogeochemical implications.

Dr. Yana Bebieva (6/21-present)

I work on a range of fluid dynamics and climate questions in the fields of physical oceanography and the physics of wildfires. I focus on how small-scale mixing affects larger-scale dynamics. Currently, I work on identifying mixing mechanisms at the surface and deep ocean in the Labrador Sea basin that regulate the strength of the meridional overturning circulation.

Dr. Kimberley Drouin (6/21-present)

Kim’s current research focuses on understanding the surface pathways that contribute to the overturning circulation of the North Atlantic as well as identifying changes in and drivers of the spatial pattern of the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability.

Research Scientist

Anne-Sophie Fortin (9/21-present)

I explore Atlantic Ocean hydrographic datasets to investigate changes in the water masses’ properties over the past decades. Also, I work on developing an accessible Python code that will compute OSNAP pseudo-observations with models outputs.

Dr. Yao Fu (5/21-present)

I am a physical oceanographer who is interested in large-scale ocean circulation and its role in the climate system. My current researches focus on understanding the overturning circulation in the subpolar North Atlantic (OSNAP) using observational data as well as the shallow overturning cells in the subtropical Atlantic (Subtropical cells) based on climate models.

Dr. Sudip Majumder (1/20-present) 

Former Students

  • Kimberley Drouin
    Investigating the Upper-Ocean Pathways, Dynamics, and Geometry of the South Atlantic (Ph.D., 2021)
  • Nicholas Foukal
    Ocean heat transport from the subtropical gyre to the subpolar gyre in the North Atlantic (Ph.D., 2018)
  • Sijia Zou
    Exploring the lower limb of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (Ph.D., 2018)
  • Ryan Peabody
    The maintenance of high primary production in the absence of Ekman upwelling: The Supply of nutrients to the intergyre North Atlantic (M.S., May 2018)
  • Sarah Brody
    Physical drivers of the spring phytoplankton bloom in the subpolar North Atlantic Ocean (Ph.D., March 2015)
  • Apurva Dave
    Physical controls on low and mid-latitude marine primary productivity (Ph.D., February 2012)
  • Stefan Gary
    The interior pathway of Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (Ph.D., October 2011)
  • Kristi Burkholder
    Subtropical to subpolar Lagrangian pathways in the North Atlantic and their impact on high latitude property fields (Ph.D., July 2011)
  • Jennifer Ayers
    Physical oceanographic controls on biological production and ocean-atmosphere carbon flux in the North Pacific (Ph.D., May 2011)
  • Jaime Palter
    On the horizontal advection and biogeochemical impacts of North Atlantic mode waters and boundary currents (Ph.D., July 2007)
  • Nicole Mich
    On the temporally-varying penetration of Mediterranean Overflow Waters into the subpolar gyre (M.S., November 2005)
  • Rachel A. Potter
    Climate Variability in the Eastern North Atlantic (M.S., May 2002)
  • Michaela Ciobotaru Iorga
    A climatological analysis and diagnostic model of the Mediterranean outflow in the eastern North Atlantic (Ph.D., May 1998)
  • Timothy J. Bold
    The influence of propagating waves on particle exchange (M.S., November 1994)

Former Postdoctoral Research Associates

Former Undergraduate Students: Honors Theses

  • Alex Robel
    A Monte Carlo method for projecting uncertainty onto surface trajectories of sea turtles (2010)
  • Cathy Johnson
    Investigation of the link between ocean stratification and ocean biomas (2009)
  • Maiana Hanshaw
    Integrated impact of tropical cyclones on sea surface chlorophyll in the North Atlantic (2006)

Former Research Scientist