Former Research Group Members

Graduate Students

  • Kimberley Drouin
    Investigating the Upper-Ocean Pathways, Dynamics, and Geometry of the South Atlantic (Ph.D., 2021)
  • Nicholas Foukal
    Ocean heat transport from the subtropical gyre to the subpolar gyre in the North Atlantic (Ph.D., 2018)
  • Sijia Zou
    Exploring the lower limb of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (Ph.D., 2018)
  • Ryan Peabody
    The maintenance of high primary production in the absence of Ekman upwelling: The Supply of nutrients to the intergyre North Atlantic (M.S., May 2018)
  • Sarah Brody
    Physical drivers of the spring phytoplankton bloom in the subpolar North Atlantic Ocean (Ph.D., March 2015)
  • Apurva Dave
    Physical controls on low and mid-latitude marine primary productivity (Ph.D., February 2012)
  • Stefan Gary
    The interior pathway of Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (Ph.D., October 2011)
  • Kristi Burkholder
    Subtropical to subpolar Lagrangian pathways in the North Atlantic and their impact on high latitude property fields (Ph.D., July 2011)
  • Jennifer Ayers
    Physical oceanographic controls on biological production and ocean-atmosphere carbon flux in the North Pacific (Ph.D., May 2011)
  • Jaime Palter
    On the horizontal advection and biogeochemical impacts of North Atlantic mode waters and boundary currents (Ph.D., July 2007)
  • Nicole Mich
    On the temporally-varying penetration of Mediterranean Overflow Waters into the subpolar gyre (M.S., November 2005)
  • Rachel A. Potter
    Climate Variability in the Eastern North Atlantic (M.S., May 2002)
  • Michaela Ciobotaru Iorga
    A climatological analysis and diagnostic model of the Mediterranean outflow in the eastern North Atlantic (Ph.D., May 1998)
  • Timothy J. Bold
    The influence of propagating waves on particle exchange (M.S., November 1994)

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Research Scientists

Undergraduate Students: Honors Theses

  • Alex Robel
    A Monte Carlo method for projecting uncertainty onto surface trajectories of sea turtles (2010)
  • Cathy Johnson
    Investigation of the link between ocean stratification and ocean biomas (2009)
  • Maiana Hanshaw
    Integrated impact of tropical cyclones on sea surface chlorophyll in the North Atlantic (2006)